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Dechlorinating Multi-function Chrome Shower Head Filters

Dechlorinating Multi-function Chrome Shower head

Dechlorinating Multi-function Chrome Shower Head Filters

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Excellent for chlorine-sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis. asthma and chemical sensitivity

Although the Multi-function Chrome Shower Head has been discontinued by our suppliers you can still by the replacement filters from us. In fact you now have the choice of two!

The Original Filter

The unique Ceramet® ceramic filter medium in the refillable handle removes up to 99% of chlorine and dangerous vapours from your shower water and will reduce water soluble lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and copper too.

So your skin or scalp could benefit if chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals in the water cause dryness or irritation.

The New Hydrogenating Filter

This new filter fits your existing shower head perfectly but also has the advantage of producing hydrogenated, antioxidant enriched water.

Ceramet® also kills bacteria such as E Coli and Staphyloccocus which causes ezcema flare ups.

  • natural Ceramet™ ceramic granules remove 99% of chlorine
  • Ceramet™ also removes chloramines, fluoride, THMs, PCBs, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, selenium, mercury, iron, heavy metals and impurities
  • re-balances pH, creates scale-reduced water that makes skin and hair feel great
  • produces hydrogenated, antioxidant-enriched water (new filter only)
  • relief from chlorine for dry skin and eczema
  • relief from chlorine fumes for asthma and chemical intolerance
  • works in water that’s hot or cold, hard or soft
  • effective for up to 9 months between refills

Tester's Tip: You'll find colour-treated hair retains its tint for longer when you shower in Ceramet-filtered water.

*As long as your water supply has reasonable shower pressure the shower head should work properly. Some gravity fed systems may have water pressure that is too low. Please check before purchase.