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Covid-19 Surface Wipes with 70% Alcohol

Covid-19 Surface Wipes with 70% Alcohol

Covid-19 Surface Wipes with 70% Alcohol

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Designed to clean and disinfect in one - Effective against Coronavirus

These Class IIa medical device wipes contain 70% alcohol and are designed for cleaning and disinfecting non-porous hard surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. Powerful enough to clean Coronavirus right off hard surfaces in your home and elsewhere. Take these with you for shopping trolley handles in supermarkets and use them for doorknobs at home or stair rails at work.

Each canister contains 200 wipes,  200 x 200mm in size. Designed for infection control in medical environments, they provide a broad spectrum of anti-viral and anti-bacterial action with short treatment times.

  • Pre-dosed with disinfectant alcohol for effective infection control
  • Reduces the risk of infection posed by reusable cloths and liquids
  • Controlled dosage ensures disinfection in every wipe
  • Single use and ready to use
  • Lint free to ensure no fibres adhere to surfaces or equipment
  • Class IIa medical device

Recommended for use with protective gloves such as our Latex Free Gloves, or a shielding lotion such as Gloves in a  Bottle.

A note to our customers:

We have secured a limited stock of these wipes from a known and trusted supplier at this difficult time. We understand that many of our customers suffer with compromised immunity and take seriously our responsibility to supply genuine products and to make only truthful and realistic claims for their performance. At times of great demand and scarcity, prices of goods and transportation become inflated. We would like to assure customers of our best intentions. We are in no way profiteering and have added a modest margin to the cost price at which we have been able to purchase.

We purchase from a wholesaler who supplies direct to the NHS and the private care sector. Our supply is sporadic. Occasionally they have surplus stock over and above priority orders from these critical sectors which we are able to offer to our customers.