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Copper Infused Eye Mask

Copper Infused Eye Mask

Copper Infused Eye Mask

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A mask created to assist with the regeneration of healthy skin on the eye lids and around the eyes

This soft, soothing, silk-filled eye mask is a boon for those with sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

Copper is an essential mineral for many aspects of physical health, including skin regeneration. It also helps fight infection. It is these two properties that work in tandem to help promote the creation and maintenance of healthy skin in eczema sufferers.

For thousands of years, civilisations around the world have used copper in traditional medicine to promote healing of the skin. Today we can create fabric infused with copper oxide to assist with skin regeneration and to kill microbes that can cause irritation and infection.


Research has shown that copper is key to several processes of skin formation and regeneration. It has a beneficial effect on both elastin and collagen production. When using copper-infused textiles, positive cosmetic effects have also been noted in double blind trials, such as a significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, within several weeks of use. So much so that these eye masks are commonly sold as an anti-ageing beauty aid.

Studies have also shown that our modern diets can lack sufficient copper. Copper infused fabrics can assist with absorption of this essential mineral through the skin, promoting optimum health.

Product Details

40%  Copper Modified Fibre

60% Viscose Fibre

100% Silk filling

Size 21cm x 9cm 

Adjustable strap for a perfect fit

This product is created using pure copper oxide compound. It is non-soluble in water and does not contaminate the environment. The fabric feels silky smooth and soothing against the skin of the face.