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Latex Free Blue PPE Gloves (Small)

Latex Free Blue PPE Gloves (Small)

Latex Free Blue PPE Gloves (Small)

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Protection with Confidence

These latex-free, powder-free vinyl PPE gloves are strong and easy to don and doff. They provide excellent anti-viral protection. Made with high quality PVC material, they have a beaded cuff for extra strength and for fast, easy fitting and removal.

These are a professional single-use glove but in our experience, they can be used more than once in a domestic setting at home. (Strictly not advisable if they are being used in a healthcare or care home context.)

Ideal for food preparation if you suffer irritant contact dermatitis from touching tomatoes, raw chicken etc and for any work in a wet or moist environment, particularly where the hands are in contact with cold water or fat, when the skin is vulnerable to cracking.

  • excellent for contamination control
  • suitable for healthcare and care home use
  • suitable for hygienic cleanroom environments
  • approved for food use
  • protect against cross-contamination
  • beaded cuff for extra strength
  • latex-free
  • powder-free
  • EN420 standard for safety and comfort to the wearer

Each box contains 100 gloves.

Available in Small size only. Palm width 85mm plus or minus 5mm.

A note to our customers:

We have secured a limited stock of these PPE gloves from a known and trusted supplier at this difficult time. We understand that many of our customers suffer with compromised immunity and take seriously our responsibility to supply genuine protective equipment. At times of great demand and scarcity, prices of goods and transportation become inflated. We would like to assure customers of our best intentions. We are in no way profiteering and have added a modest margin to the cost price at which we have been able to purchase.