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Ultimate Protection Goggles

Atom ultimate Protection Goggles from Allergy Best Buys

Ultimate Protection Goggles

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These ultra-lightweight goggles from Bolle provide the best possible eye-protection against pollen or Coronavirus, and can even be worn over spectacles. 

These ultimate protective goggles have a flexible frame, designed for all-day comfort. They provide effective  protection against allergens, irritants and viral transmission though the eyes.

  • Protect against pollen, pollutants, chemicals and viruses
  • Platinum-coated polycarbonate lenses for scratch and fog resistance 

  • Double lens anti-fog system

  • Modular Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) frame

  • Made to industry standard EN166

  • Also suitable for mechanical, chemical and UV protection

  • Designed for comfort as well as safety

  • Adjustable nylon strap with ball pivot fixing

  • Goggles fit over prescription goggles where necessary

These excellent quality technical goggles can be washed with soap and water.