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Amber Gel™ Natural Hair Removal Gel

Amber Gel™ Natural Hair Removal Gel

Amber Gel™ Natural Hair Removal Gel

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Effective no-heat hair removal for sensitive skin. Suitable for delicate areas. Hypoallergenic.

No cuts, burns or waxy residue. No artificial additives or synthetic fragrances. No fuss, no mess, just smooth hair-free skin.

Each 50ml jar provides up to 3 full body treatments including arms, legs, facial and bikini areas. Step by step instructions included in the box along with re-usable spatula and paper strips.

  • Ensure that the skin to be treated is clean, dry and free from oils, lotions or perspiration.
  • Using the spatula, apply a small amount of Amber Gel™, spreading thinly in the direction of the hair growth. 
  • Use sparingly and do not drag the applicator on the skin.  Amber Gel™ glides on, melting with the warmth or your own body.
  • Apply the paper strip onto the area you are treating and firmly press a couple of times along the length of the strip.
  • Holding the skin taut, pull the strip quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth (not upwards). Your unwanted hair transfers onto the strip with the roots, leaving your skin clean, hair free and soft.
  • Re-use the same strip without reapplying gel and continue until the strip no longer holds onto the skin. With just one strip you can remove quite a lot of unwanted hair.
  • After completing your treatment, wash the applicator and strips under a cold tap and dry for use next time.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Not for use on broken, irritated or sunburnt skin. Avoid use immediately following a bath. Patch test as instructed before first use.

Amber Gel Ingredients: Sucrose, Aqua, Honey, Pineapple, Raspberry, Apple, Grapefruit Acids (citrus limonum)

Tester’s experience: This product really is pleasant and easy to use and I found it much less painful than waxing.