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Top 10 Negative Ion Benefits for Your Health

Negative Ions - the Benefits for Your Health

Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s inherent radiation.

Negatively charged ions are most prevalent in natural places and particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm.

That taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach, near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated in the benefits of negative ions.

You can take that feeling with you and keep it going in your bedroom, lounge, kitchen or office and clean the air of allergens with a negative ion generating ioniser such as the Vortex VI-3500. (pictured above)

What can ion therapy with an ioniser actually do for you in terms of health and wellbeing? This is a summary of the top ten benefits of negative ions. There are highlighted links to references if you would like to read the relevant scientific research ,

  1. Negative ions are often described as a natural anti-depressant. They increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity by removing the debilitating effects of excessive positive ions in your environment.

  2. Negative ionisers are proven to clear the air of dust, pollen, pet dander, mould spores and other potential allergens.

  3. A good negative ion generator can significantly decreases airborne viruses and bacteria in your home or office.

  4. Negative ions improve the function of the cilia in your respiratory tract that protect the lungs from irritation and inflammation. They can therefore help to lessen the incidence of respiratory illnesses like colds and flu, hayfever and asthma.

  5. Negative ions have a relaxing effect and have been reported to normalise your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension. Because negative ions are absorbed directly into the bloodstream they may help to combat harmful free radicals within your body.

  6. Studies show high levels of negative ions can be as effective at treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) as commonly prescribed antidepressants.

  7. Research at the University of California showed negative ions normalise serotonin levels in the brain, potentially improving a person’s positive outlook and mood, energy levels and focus.

  8. A French study found using negative ionisers could help you sleep better. This is once again due to their normalising serotonin production in the brain.

  9. The Norwich Union insurance company found installing negative ion air cleaners in a work area full of computers and other electronic equipment reduced instances of reported sickness and headaches by 78%. Negative ion generators are also routinely used in hospitals in Europe for their beneficial impact on patients' health and healing rates.

  10. Testing has regularly shown that subjects exposed to high levels of negative ions perform better in mentally challenging tasks than those breathing normal positive ion dense air. Pierce J. Howard PhD at the Center for Applied Cognitive Sciences says in the Owners Manual for the Brain – “Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.”

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