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Respro Allergy Mask Size Guide

Respro Allergy masks are one of our most popular masks. When you look at their specification it should come as no surprise why so many people choose them. Firstly it is the comfort and fit of a Respro mask. They are made from a stretch fabric (unlikely to cause any allergy problems) which moulds itself to your face ensuring a tight fit. Secondly the filters in the mask are replaceable so when you buy a Respro you don't have to buy a new mask when the filters wear out, you merely need to replace the filters.

Finally there are two different types of filter. The standard filter is a HEPA filter which protects from normal allergens and pollutants such pet dander, diesel fumes, pollen, dust mites and so on. The chemical filter includes all the protection of the Respro HEPA filter but also protects from fumes from everyday chemical pollutants from parfum, cleaning products, varnish and many other household products that may cause a reaction. For people with chemical sensitivity this filter is a boon.

Mask Size Will Fit
Small Mask Petite female 12yrs+ Young adult male
Medium Mask Average sized female
Large Mask Average sized male or larger female
X-Large Mask Large male or XL female

Respro® Filter packs are sized the same the Respro® Allergy Masks

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