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Pure & Care 100% Natural Pillow for Allergies VAT Free

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Clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms.

Pure & Care Pillows have been created specifically for the avoidance of the allergy triggers found in most filled bedding and have been rigorously trialled and tested.

This is top-of-the-range, luxurious, supremely comfortable bedding, recognised as best in its class for allergies.

Recommended for discerning households with asthma, eczema, dust allergies and chemical sensitivities for whom Pure & Care Pillows are available free of VAT.

  • Certified by Asthma & Allergy Association of Denmark
  • NOMITE® certified cover, unbleached, undyed dustmite proof cotton
  • Downafresh certified feather and down filling, heat-treated to eliminate dustmites
  • DownPass certified down and feathers, documented and traceable, not from live birds
  • Eco-tex certified free of harmful chemicals
  • No formaldehyde, NO parfum, No optical brighteners
  • Washable at 60˚C

Colour: soft natural

Size: 50x75cm

What’s in the filling?

The Danish manufacturer has chosen top quality European down and feathers from Pyrenean ducks for these high-end pillows. Down on its own is very soft and comfortable but it’s also very dense; adding small feathers gives more support and makes the pillow more breathable.

So a Pure & Care Pillow is made with a central core of 85% feather and 15% down, surrounded by an outer layer of 90% down and 10% feather.

Think of it as a feather pillow within a down pillow or a “down surround” pillow.

And the cover?

The shell or cover of the Pure & Care pillow is unbleached, undyed 100% dustmite-proof cotton cambric and has NOMITE® accreditation. The cotton has a luxurious 233 thread count and is double stitched and piped. Like the filling, the cover is Eco-tex certified Class 1, guaranteeing no harmful chemicals have been used in its production. Soft natural in colour.

Why Astma- Allergi Danmark?

The manufacturer of the Pure & Care Pillow uses the Asthma & Allergy Association of Denmark as an independent audit for allergy risk assessment. The process is even stricter than Eco-tex, and much more than just a test of the fabric and filling. The A & A certification applies not only to the outer cover textile and the filling of the pillows but even the thread with which they are sewn.

Learn more here.

Clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms, Pure & Care Pillows are probably the safest 100% natural anti-allergy pillow you’ll ever find.

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