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Dustmite Killing Electric Blanket VAT Free

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For a cosy, comfy, dustmite-free bed all year round.

With unique 2-way allergy protection against dustmites for anyone with asthma, eczema, rhinitis or dustmite allergies

Enjoy a comfy, warm dustmite free bed to help keep you allergy free.

10 minutes at 60°C is all it takes to kill dustmites and their eggs. To help maintain a dustmite free sleeping environment, we recommend that you switch your underblanket onto the maximum heat setting (6) for up to one hour on a weekly basis in both winter and summer. This will heat up your bed surface to the 60°C required to kill dustmites.

For normal use as a heated underblanket, simply choose from the 6 temperature settings using the slider control. Then use the timer selector to choose 1,3,6 or 12 hours. Your blanket will switch off automatically after the selected time. A patented SleepSafe Safety System ensures that it can't overheat.

The soft, breathable cotton surface of the AllergyFree Heated Fitted Underblanket has been specially treated with HHL‘Health Protection’ fabric technology, creating a barrier that eliminates the food chain that dustmites breed on. So they, along with mould, fungi and bacteria, cannot develop.

  • 10-minute anti-mite heat boost kills dustmites and reduces humidity

  • anti-allergy fabric treatment prevents dustmite development, odour-causing bacteria and mould

  • proven health benefits

  • economical - less than 2p per night

  • fast heat-up time, feel the warmth in just 8 minutes

  • extra foot warmth

  • easy-fit deep elasticated skirt

  • ultra-thin wires for comfort

  • dual temperature controls on double sizes

  • Eco-tex certified, no harmful chemicals

  • machine wash at 30°C

  • 3 year guarantee

  • available VAT free

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