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the dreambag take your allergy free bedding with you when you travel

The Dreambag VAT Free

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Protects Against Dustmites and Allergens While You're Away

Night time allergy attacks seem so much worse when they happen away from home, so we know you'll want to pack one of these Dreambags from The Sounder Sleep Company next time you travel. Ideal at home too, if hot restless nights leave you without bedclothes.

The generously sized Dreambag has a built-in dustmite-proof pillow cover, giving complete protection from unprotected pillows or unsuitable washing powder residues. It allows you to create a controlled non-allergenic sleeping environment in an unfamiliar bed without the worry of stains from ointments or scratching or asthma attacks from dustmite exposure.

The Dreambag creates a cool, smooth, non-irritating sleep surface for comfortable sleep and reduced trauma to sensitive skin. Perfect for anyone with asthma, eczema, rhinitis, psoriasis or dermatitis, dust allergy or sensitivity to chemicals.

Ideal for Gap Year travel or children's sleepovers, business trips or holidays in villas or hotels where you can't be sure of the bedding.

Extra Long version available.

  • pure, fine, dustmite-proof cotton
  • double stitched flat seams
  • Eco-Tex certified free of harmful chemicals
  • white - no chlorine bleach or brighteners
  • fine concealed zip (adult sizes)
  • available VAT free

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