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Dermasilk Intimo Therapeutic Boxers

Dermasilk Intimo Therapeutic Boxers VAT Free

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So soft that they seem to be part of you

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The secret to great underwear is all about feeling comfortable, confident and healthy. Designed and manufactured in Italy, DermaSilk Intimo therapeutic underwear combines comfort and fit with the latest in textile innovation.

DermaSilk Intimo boxers are made from a knitted DermaSilk which has a permanent active antimicrobial action, proven in clinical studies to calm irritation and prevent bacterial and fungal infections and to maintain healthy levels of pH and humidity in your most delicate area.

  • close fitting, stretchy, seam-free
  • special sculpted panels for extra comfort and support
  • only silk is in contact with the skin. A mere 4% elastane is cleverly woven within the silk yarn
  • no additional elastication round legs or waist

DermaSilk Intimo:

  • rapidly reduces inflammatory itch, burning and localised irritation
  • helps control and prevent bacterial and fungal overgrowth without altering the natural levels of bacteria normally present on healthy skin
  • reducees the excess heat and humidity which that encourage the development of genital infections
  • helps maintain a natural freshness of the genital area thanks to its ability to absorb excess humidity • helps maintain the skin and tissue pH at optimal levels • helps to promote the repair and regeneration of the skin and mucosa thanks to the protein nature of the fibroin in the silk

DermaSilk Intimo Therapeutic Underwear is a great option for men who lead busy, active lives and want to stay healthy whilst living life to the full. DermaSilk Intimo offers comfort and confidence whether you are hot-desking at work, travelling in the stress of rush-hour or on a long-haul flight or working up a sweat at the gym or on the dance floor. It is available free of VAT.

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