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Shield your sensitive skin from irritants

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  • My Trusty® Unscented Sunflower Hand Cream

    Unscented Hand Cream made by the NHS

    From: £4.95
  • Unscented Sun Lotion SPF30 for Sensitive Skin

    Natural protection for sensitive skin, prickly heat, eczema, psoriasis and sunscreen irritation

    From: £22.00 £21.95
  • Unscented SPF30 Facial Suncream for Sensitive Skin

    Naturally Protects Against UV Damage. Ideal for sensitive skin

    From: £16.50
  • Unscented 24 Hour Cream for Sensitive Skin

    No Hidden Ingredients in this Superb Day & Night Anti-ageing Moisturiser

    From: £17.50 £13.95
  • Sea-Med Seaweed Soap

    Kind to Problem Skin

  • Sea Med Seaweed Soap Buy 4 and Save £3.85!

    Pure, natural and kind to Problem Skin

    £23.80 £19.95
  • Syrinxza Deep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar

    Suitable for ultra-sensitive, extremely dry, cracked or troubled skin.

    £12.98 £12.95
  • Unscented Natural Shaving Soap

    With nothing to irritate sensitive skin and gives a close shave too!

    From: £6.95 £5.95
  • Unscented Neutral Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

    Naturally Strong on Odour Control, Gentle on Skin

    From: £9.95
  • Unscented Luxury Lip Balm

    Chemical-free, handmade. For soft lips all year round.

    From: £3.95
  • My Trusty® Unscented Sunflower Body Lotion

    Created by NHS scientists for dry, sensitive skin. Skincare you can trust.

    From: £6.95
  • Sea-Med Organic Seaweed Skin Therapy

    Natural Seaweed Powder Turns Your Bath into a Healing Seawater Spa

    From: £16.95
  • Sea-Med Seaweed Skin Rescue Balm

    Repairs the Barrier of Damaged Skin

    Out of stock
  • DermaSilk Facial Mask for Children

    Ideal for Head and Forehead, Chin and Neck, Ears and Face

    From: £21.95
  • Nickel Solution for Nickel Allergy

    Detect and Protect with Nickel Solution