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Best buy badge SAD and Winter Blues

Feel-good light therapy can improve your general wellbeing and relieve the winter blues at home or at work.

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  • Energy Saving Daylight BioBulbs

    Bring the daylight inside!

    From: £11.95 £9.95
  • Lite Pod

    A Neat, Portable Feel-good Lamp for Mild SAD. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL30 Brightlight Portable Daylight Lamp

    Perfect flat design and 10,000 lux of simulated sunlight. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL40 Brightlight Desktop Daylight SAD lamp

    Daylight simulation at your desk. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL90 Maxi Brightlight SAD Lightbox

    Bright Uplifting Light for Home or Office. Available VAT free

    £124.99 £124.95
  • Wake-up Light with MP3 Dock & Radio

    Wake Up Naturally To Your Own Music

  • Wake-up Light with Radio & Melodies

    Wake Up Naturally With a Slowly Brightening Light