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Best buy badge Medivac Vacuum Cleaner Accessories

This effective range of vacuum cleaner accessories is designed to complement the Medivac range of anti-allergy vacuum cleaners. Medivac is the brand that doctors recommend for combating allergens in the home.

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  • Medivac Fleece Dustbags 3 for 2

    BUY 2 packs - GET 1 FREE! Improved Dustbags for Medivac Anti Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

  • Medivac Mini Tool Kit

    Perfect For Precision Vacuum Cleaning

  • Medivac Tritex filter for Microfilter or Compact

    Replacement Tritex Filter

  • Medivac Long reach flexible crevice nozzle

    Great for cleaning inaccessible areas

    £15.99 £15.95
  • Medivac Low Friction Multi-Surface Floor Brush

    For carpets, rugs and hard floors

  • Medivac Turbo Carpet Brush Mk3

    Extra Cleaning Power for the Medivac Compact

    £46.95 £39.95
  • Medivac Telescopic extension tube in stainless steel

    Vacuum at a comfortable height

  • Medivac Hard Floor Brush

    A must-have accessory for your Medivac

    £24.46 £20.95
    Out of stock
  • Medivac Tool Caddy

    A neat way to store your favourite tools

  • Medivac Standard 2.4m Hose

    A Replacement Hose for Your Medivac Vacuum Cleaner

    Out of stock
  • Medivac Fleece Dustbags Pack of 10

    Improved Dustbags for Medivac Anti Allergy Vacuum Cleaners

  • Medivac Dusting Brush

    An essential tool for your Medivac

  • Medivac Radiator Brush

    Fits standard Medivac crevice nozzle

    £6.99 £5.95
  • Medivac Mattress/Upholstery Nozzle and Brush

    Perfect for beds and sofas

  • Medivac Favourite Tools set

    3 bestselling accessories and holder for your Medivac machine

  • Medivac stainless steel tube - curved or straight

    Curved or straight stainless steel tube

    From: £11.99 £11.95
  • Medivac Crevice Nozzle

    One of the tools you'll use the most

  • Medivac Double Taper Adaptor

    Join hoses, tubes and smaller tools

  • Medivac Tool Bag dark green

    A Convenient Way to Store Your Medivac Accessories

    £12.99 £8.95