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Whatever it is you'd rather not breathe we have a solution here to keep your personal breathing space pure.

Check out our masks, nose filters, allergen blockers, sinus irrigators and personal air purifiers. You won't find a better range anywhere.

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  • AirVida Personal Ionic Air Purifier

    Stylish Wearable Protection from Pollution

    From: £199.00 £198.95
  • Washable Multi-purpose Mask/Replacement Filters

    A Featherlight Mask That Filters Chemicals, Fumes and Particles Available VAT free.

    From: £47.95
  • MicroAirScreen Face Mask

    More economical and comfortable than disposable masks. Available VAT free

    From: £32.95
  • Respro Allergy Mask

    A superb HEPA filter mask. Available VAT Free

    From: £9.95
  • Cold Weather Mask

    Breathe more Easily in Winter. Ideal for asthma and COPD. Available VAT Free

    From: £29.95
  • NasalAir Guard

    Nose Filters to Combat Pollen, Pollution, Pet Allergen, Dust and Fumes. Available VAT Free

    From: £7.95
  • Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

    Combats Chemicals, Fumes, Odours, Particles and Viruses

  • AirTamer A302 personal air ioniser

    The world’s most powerful personal air purifier

  • Automate™ Ionic Air Purifier for the car

    Car Air Purifier

    £69.95 £49.95
  • Sneezer Beam Hayfever & Allergy Relief

    Clinically Proven to Reduce Allergy Symptoms. vailable VAT free

  • AirWasher Humidifier

    Dual-action AirWasher purifies and humidifies dry indoor air

    From: £219.95 £199.95
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels at Home

    From: £54.99
  • Portable Nebuliser

    Portable Nebuliser Delivers Treatment On the Go for Asthma, Respiratory Disease and Colds. Available VAT free

    £99.99 £99.95
  • Window Filta Allergen Screen

    Let Fresh Air In, Keep Allergens Out and Get a Good Night's Sleep. Available VAT Free

    From: £29.95