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Tackle allergens and enjoy better health with dehumidifiers and air purifiers, daylight bulbs and dechlorinators. Our exclusive Medivac vacuum cleaners remove allergens so effectively that the air coming out is cleaner than the air going in. Medivac is the vacuum cleaner doctors recommend.

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  • Drainage Kit for Banamite 009

    For unoccupied holiday homes, caravans, boats, cellars

    Out of stock
  • AirVida Personal Ionic Air Purifier

    Stylish Wearable Protection from Pollution

    From: £199.00 £198.95
  • Banamite Triple Filter (Pack of 3)

    Replace the triple filter of our Banamite009 every 3 or 4 months

  • Automate™ Ionic Air Purifier for the car

    Car Air Purifier

    £69.95 £49.95
  • Airnote Air Purifier (formerly Cleanaer)

    The smallest, most energy efficient air purifier in the world

    From: £12.99 £12.95
  • The Healthway 10600-9DFS Air Purifier

    The most powerful indoor air purification in the world. Grade II Medical Device For rooms up to 46.5sq m (500sq ft). Available VAT free

    From: £59.95
  • Healthway Deluxe 20600-3

    Professional quality air purification. Available VAT free.

    From: £100.56 £74.95
  • Heaven Fresh NaturoPure™ HF380 Intelligent Air Purifier

    Impressive Clinically-proven Performance at an Excellent Price. For rooms up to 650sq ft.

    £258.95 £248.95
  • Heaven Fresh HF210UV Air Purifier

    Affordable, Reliable Air Purification with UV for rooms up to 500 ft² (46 m²)

  • Heaven Fresh HF380 Replaceable Parts

    Filter, UV light, Dust Collection Grid, TiO2 filter

    From: £19.95
  • AeraMax™ DX5 Air Purifier

    Excellent 4-stage air clearing power for airborne particulates in smaller rooms up to 8m²

    £149.99 £149.95
  • AeraMax™ DX55 Air Purifier

    Maximum filtration. Allergy UK approved. For rooms up to 18m²

    £199.99 £199.95
  • Aeramax™ DX95 Air Purifier

    One remaining. Allergy UK approved. For rooms up to 28m².

    £249.99 £185.95
  • AeraMax™ Pet PT65 Air Purifier

    Specially Made for Homes with Litter Trays, Caged Birds, Hamsters, Dogs

    £149.99 £149.95
  • Airfree Air Purifier

    Silently Destroys Allergens, Viruses, Germs and Bacteria in rooms 40cu³ - 150 cu³

    From: £129.00 £128.95
  • AirTamer A302 personal air ioniser

    The world’s most powerful personal air purifier

  • Air Supply Personal Air Purifier

    Combats Chemicals, Fumes, Odours, Particles and Viruses

  • Window Filta Allergen Screen

    Let Fresh Air In, Keep Allergens Out and Get a Good Night's Sleep. Available VAT Free

    From: £29.95
  • AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

    Clear the air of pollen, pet and dustmite allergens with a weekly spray of natural AirCleanse

  • Energy Saving Daylight BioBulbs

    Bring the daylight inside!

    From: £11.95 £9.95
  • Wake-up Light with MP3 Dock & Radio

    Wake Up Naturally To Your Own Music

  • Wake-up Light with Radio & Melodies

    Wake Up Naturally With a Slowly Brightening Light

  • Lite Pod

    A Neat, Portable Feel-good Lamp for Mild SAD. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL30 Brightlight Portable Daylight Lamp

    Perfect flat design and 10,000 lux of simulated sunlight. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL40 Brightlight Desktop Daylight SAD lamp

    Daylight simulation at your desk. Available VAT free

  • Beurer TL90 Maxi Brightlight SAD Lightbox

    Bright Uplifting Light for Home or Office. Available VAT free

    £124.99 £124.95
  • Humidity & Temperature Gauge

    Helps You Control Dustmites, Mould & Fungi

  • Mouldcheck test kit

    A Simple Home Test Kit for Mould Levels

    From: £18.95
  • The Damp Killer

    The Simple Solution to Damp Spaces

    From: £25.00 £14.95
  • Banamite 009 Dehumidifier and Air Purifier

    A Superb Combined Dehumidifier and Air Purifier. Available VAT free

    £289.95 £249.95
  • Ebac 6100 Dehumidifier

    Top of the Range Dehumidifier for 4-5 bed homes

    From: £329.99 £299.95
  • Ebac 6200 Dehumidifier

    Best choice for a 5+ bed home

    From: £369.99 £349.95
  • Ebac Amazon 12 Dehumidifier

    Simple Design and Excellent Performance at an Attractively Low Price

    £189.99 £130.95
  • AirWasher Humidifier

    Dual-action AirWasher purifies and humidifies dry indoor air

    From: £219.95 £199.95
  • Beurer LB44 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

    Small, Quiet, Energy-efficient & Affordable. 3 yr guarantee.

  • Shower Handle with Water Filter

    No more chlorine in the shower!

    From: £34.95
  • Vitamin C Shower Head

    Say Goodbye to Chlorine in the Shower

    From: £79.95 £69.95
  • Dechlorinating Universal Easy-fit Shower Filter

  • Dechlorinator for Bath & Basin

    No more chlorine in the bath or wash basin. Lasts 3 Years!

  • SuperWater™ Purifying Filter for Cold Water Tanks

    Just Drop It In the Tank for Purified Water in your Bath & Shower

    £99.99 £99.95
  • Whole House Water Filter - 2 and 3+ Bathroom House

    Makes Water Fresh and Clean to Drink, Soft and Chlorine-free for Your Skin - From Every Tap in the House.

    From: £429.95
  • Whole House Water Filter - 1 Bathroom House

    Makes Water Fresh and Clean to Drink, Soft and Chlorine-free for Your Skin - From Every Tap in the House.

  • SuperWater™ Drinking Water filter

    Spring Water Taste - Right From Your Tap