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Best buy badge Essential Summer Allergy Solutions

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  • Unscented Sun Lotion SPF30 for Sensitive Skin

    Natural protection for sensitive skin, prickly heat, eczema, psoriasis and sunscreen irritation

    From: £22.00 £21.95
  • Unscented SPF30 Facial Suncream for Sensitive Skin

    Naturally Protects Against UV Damage. Ideal for sensitive skin

    From: £16.50
  • Wraparound Sunglasses for Hayfever & Dry Eye Relief

    Relief for sore, itchy “pollen eyes” and Dry Eye syndrome. Available VAT free.

    From: £39.95
  • Automate™ Ionic Air Purifier for the car

    Car Air Purifier

    £69.95 £49.95
  • Portable Nebuliser

    Portable Nebuliser Delivers Treatment On the Go for Asthma, Respiratory Disease and Colds. Available VAT free

    £99.99 £99.95
  • The Dreambag

    Protects Against Dustmites and Allergens While You're Away.

    From: £69.95 £59.95
  • SilkWash SuperCool Duvet

    Cool, lightweight, silk-filled duvets you can wash

    From: £107.95
  • Cool Dreams Thermo-Regulating Mattress Cover

    Never hot, never cold, always cool & calm. AVAILABLE VAT FREE

    From: £129.95
  • Cool Touch Pillow

    Cooling Comfort for Hot, Itchy People

  • Window Filta Allergen Screen

    Let Fresh Air In, Keep Allergens Out and Get a Good Night's Sleep. Available VAT Free

    From: £29.95
  • 100% Cotton Cellular Blanket

    Perfect For Regulating Bed Temperature

    From: £27.50