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Whether you like a natural fill or synthetic, you'll find a pillow that protects against allergens from our carefully chosen range here.

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  • FeatherFresh Dustmite Proof Boilable Pillow

    Hospital-standard Anti-allergy Feather Pillow available VAT free

    From: £42.95
  • Pure & Care 100% Natural Pillow for Allergies

    Clinically proven to reduce allergy symptoms. Available VAT free

    From: £69.95
  • Anti-allergy Pillow with Healthguard®

    Anti-dustmite Pillow that Kills Mould and Bacteria. Available VAT free

    From: £16.95
  • Spundown Washable Anti-Allergy Pillow

    The Pillow That Loves to be Washed

    From: £23.95
  • Cool Touch Pillow

    Cooling Comfort for Hot, Itchy People

  • Anti-allergy Natural Wool Pillow

    A 100% Natural Anti-allergy Temperature-regulating Wool Pillow

    From: £58.95