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  • Chemical & Fragrance Free Hair Spray 210ml

    Never spray your hair with synthetic resins and alcohol again

    From: £13.95
  • Unscented Neutral Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps

    Ultra-gentle natural shampoo with no added fragrance.

    From: £12.50
  • Syrinx ZA Two Step Treatment for Dry and Itchy Scalps

    Eases the irritation of psoriasis, scalp dermatitis, dandruff & other scalp problems

    From: £19.95
  • Sea Med Seaweed Soap Buy 4 and Save £3.85!

    Pure, natural and kind to Problem Skin

    £23.80 £19.95
  • Sea-Med Seaweed Soap

    Kind to Problem Skin

  • Unscented Neutral Conditioner for Sensitive Scalps

    Ultra-gentle, easy-comb conditioner for sensitive scalps

    From: £12.50