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It can be tricky finding cosmetics for sensitive skin. We recommend NATorigin natural organic lipsticks and the award winning NATorign eyeliner.. We have sold Suncoat Mascara in black and brown for many years - always popular with our customers. We reckon the best skin cleanser is the therapeutic Syrinxa ZA Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar. Also try natural unscented shaving soap for a close, non-irritating shave and our Unscented Natural Deodorant - it's specially made for sensitive skin.

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  • Unscented Neutral Deodorant for Sensitive Skin

    Naturally Strong on Odour Control, Gentle on Skin

    From: £9.95
  • Unscented Luxury Lip Balm

    Chemical-free, handmade. For soft lips all year round.

    From: £3.95
  • Unscented Neutral Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps

    Ultra-gentle natural shampoo with no added fragrance.

    From: £12.50
  • NATOrigin Eyeliner

    Eyeliner That's Recommended for Even the Most Sensitive Eyes

    From: £7.95
  • Syrinxza Deep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar

    Suitable for ultra-sensitive, extremely dry, cracked or troubled skin.

    £12.98 £12.95
  • Suncoat Natural Mascara

    Suncoat Mascara - Kind to Sensitive Eyes

    From: £18.95
  • Unscented Neutral Conditioner for Sensitive Scalps

    Ultra-gentle, easy-comb conditioner for sensitive scalps

    From: £12.50
  • Unscented Natural Shaving Soap

    With nothing to irritate sensitive skin and gives a close shave too!

    From: £6.95 £5.95