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Best buy badge Anti-allergy Cleaning Products

We have a range of cleaning products that will help you reduce the allergy triggering allergens in your home. Our range of anti-allergy cleaning products covers products to remove allergens from the air, your furnishings and washing. We also stock latex free gloves to wear whilst you are doing all that cleaning!

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  • Violet's Unscented Laundry Liquid

    Amazing value hypoallergenic laundry liquid

    From: £7.95
  • Violet's 100% Natural UNSCENTED Laundry Powder

    Ideal for Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergies, Chemical Sensitivity

    From: £16.95
  • STAR BUY! SAVE on AirCleanse, FabriCleanse and HomeCleanse

    Three Great Products for an Allergy Free Home

    £38.99 £35.99
  • HomeCleanse™ Natural anti-Dustmite Spray

    Reduce the allergens in your furnishing and bedding by 74%**

  • Eco-Ball Wash Balls

    The No-Chemical Alternative to Washing Powder

    From: £14.99 £9.99
  • Polti Cimex Eradicator - Powerful Steam Disinfector

    Powerful Steam Sanitiser Eradicates Dustmites & Bedbugs

    £599.00 £549.00
  • Polti Vaporetto Classic 65 Steam Cleaner

    One remaining. An excellent all-round steam cleaner. Allergy UK approved

    £199.99 £179.95
  • Polti 2 large cloths & 3 sockettes

    Accessories for Polti Edition

    £29.95 £24.95
  • Kalstop Descaler for Polti Steam Cleaners

    Essential Descaler for Steam Cleaners

    £9.99 £9.95
  • Steam Cleaner Accessories for Polti Cimex Eradicator

    Converts a Polti Eradicator into a sanitizing Steam Cleaner

    £119.99 £99.95
  • FabriCleanse™ anti-dustmite Laundry Additive

    Wash away dustmites and allergens from your laundry!

    £13.99 £13.95
  • AirCleanse™ Allergy Spray

    Clear the air of pollen, pet and dustmite allergens with a weekly spray of natural AirCleanse

  • Long Latex-free Magic Touch® Gloves

    Non-latex long length single-use gloves ideal for irritant contact dermatitis & hand eczema

    From: £16.95