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There is now a wide range of Allergy Tests on the market making all sorts of claims and we have looked at them carefully. You can be confident that the home tests sold by AllergyBestBuys, whether for cat, pollen or dustmite allergies or the presence of mould or nickel, are safe and accurate. The at home allergy tests we offer give the same level of accuracy as those at your GP

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  • Allergy Check® General Allergy Home Test Kit

    Think you're allergic? Find out for sure with a safe, accurate test you can do at home

    £19.99 £19.95
  • 3-in-1 Airborne allergy test

    3 in 1 Airborne Allergy Test for Pollen, Cat and Dustmite

    £29.99 £29.95
  • Nickel Solution for Nickel Allergy

    Detect and Protect with Nickel Solution

  • Mouldcheck test kit

    A Simple Home Test Kit for Mould Levels

    From: £18.95