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Heaven Fresh understand the need for a healthy indoor environment and are leaders in the field of ionic air purification and humidity control.

Heaven Fresh negative ion purifiers & dehumidifiers generate billions of negatively charged ions which help freshen, purify and revitalise the air around them. This has been shown to have positive effects on plant growth and human health.

As well as efficient particle removal, this low cost technology has seen Ionic Purifiers taking the place of other odour control methods, like absorbent blocks or chemical based air fresheners & neutralisers, making them a good choice for the chemically-sensitive.

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  • Heaven Fresh NaturoPure™ HF380 Intelligent Air Purifier

    Impressive Clinically-proven Performance at an Excellent Price. For rooms up to 650sq ft.

    £258.95 £248.95
  • Heaven Fresh HF380 Replaceable Parts

    Filter, UV light, Dust Collection Grid, TiO2 filter

    From: £19.95
  • Heaven Fresh HF210UV Air Purifier

    Affordable, Reliable Air Purification with UV for rooms up to 500 ft² (46 m²)

  • Heaven Fresh HF625 Mini Dehumidifier

    Silent, Portable Moisture Removal for Small Rooms and Damp Spaces