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  • Are you allergic to Elastoplast?

    If you react to sticking plasters you are probably sensitised to the rosin (or colophony) that is used in the adhesive. In the European Union all products containing more than 1% colophony have to be labelled with an allergy warning.

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  • Eye Lash Glue Allergy

    Eyelash extensions give great, longlasting glamour. But about one in twenty clients will develop an allergy to the adhesives used to apply them. Symptoms of allergic reaction to lash adhesives are mainly swollen, red, sore lids, sometimes with crusting.

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  • Tattoo Allergy – think before you ink

    In a study published recently in “Contact Dermatitis”, researchers found that 4% of those with tattoos had experienced a rash immediately after being “inked” and an additional 6% reported skin problems including severe itching and swelling lasting longer

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  • Hair Chalk Allergy warning

    Hair chalking is the recent craze among teenagers that involves using a piece of Hairchalkcoloured pastel chalk on strands of hair then locking the colour in with straighteners. It may be the newest teen trend in temporary hair colour, but the American F

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  • Driver's Dilemma

    You can actually be allergic to your steering wheel!

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